Femata Couture is a fashion line where my South Pacific heritage meets the world. The pattern of the Femata Courture's heart shape consists of our South Pacific tribal patterns.

It's purpose is to ensure that every human being feels great in our garments but also helping them love themselves firstly.

For everything begins with a vision. My purpose is to build this brand so I can serve a purpose of helping the young generation and everyone that is seeking help with selfless Love.

Australia has one of the highest suicide rate in the world! I know in life there's hope for every soul, so fashion is only a temporary fix of feeling beautiful.

Femata Couture wants to build each human being, in different shapes and sizes, male or female.To know their worth far exceeds just looking beautiful for one day, the garments are decorations for a short period of time but your character will make you beyond happy each moment of our life....

Love Yourself
Love God
Love Gods people